1. Dents in wood can be repaired

Easily soak a facecloth in water and wring it out so it isn’t completely saturated. Apply the damp washcloth to the affected area of the wood. Water will wick through the wood, which is perfectly fine. Place your iron on the damp washcloth over the affected area and move it back and forth in small circular motions. Continue pressing down firmly until your facecloth is completely dry. It won’t take long for it to vanish. The water has been absorbed by the wood fibres, and they should now expand to their original size. Follow this procedure and replicate it until dents rise flush with the remainder of the substance by adding more water.

2. Fill bumpers with doors

Tired of seeing the doors close in the kitchen cabinet? The alternative is peel-and-stick door and drawer jacks. Get a pack of 20 for only a few Dirhams at the nearest hardware store. Make sure that the back of the door is clear, and then put the bumpers on top and bottom of the door.

3. Pencil in a lubricant inside a lock

Don’t give up on sticky locks, but with a pencil you can patch them… Rub the key’s teeth easily with the chalk and cover with graphite. Enter the lock key that is embedded inside the lubricant. Repeat before the key smoothly glides

4. Set the wallpaper seam to loose

Reactivate the paste around the room, with a snack soaked into warm water, if you have a wallpaper seam. Hold the rag for a few minutes around the area and open the distance a little wider then gently so that the sealer is expansive. Squeeze in the void the usual seam sealer or white PV an adhesive. Press a roller or a dry cloth on the paper on the wall. With a towel, scrape the residual sealer.

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