People try to invest more to start a large business to get more profits but the fact about such businesses is that they give slow profits but the profits are guaranteed. People don’t opt for small businesses because it gives small returns. But the fact is that we have seen small businesses make thousands of dollars in less than half a year. A good example of such business is the online cake delivery in Dubai. You can pick any niche or any product for that matter. But this has been among the top 20 successful businesses in the world.

The benefit of this business is that it requires less investment and if you want to start this business on a small level like you cannot afford an office, then you can start this business from home as well. This business requires a lot of management and at all times you will be hiring people for different jobs. Since you now have a little idea about this business and you think you can handle all the pros and cons then we think you are ready to get into it. And if you look at here, you will know how to start this business.

Get a Van or a Truck: this is the first thing to do and this will be the only biggest investment. If you have less investment then you can opt for bikes. Or there is another option, you can hire freelancer bike riders.

Get Equipment: if you get a truck or a van then you will have to get some loading and unloading equipment. For the bike riders, you will have to get that delivery boxes and bags to ensure quality service.

Create a Budget for Marketing: this will be your second biggest investment. After you have purchased all the stuff above, now is the time to market about your business. Since there will be a lot of competition, you need to make sure that the budget is enough for marketing that it covers at least your town totally.

Name Your Business: this may seem easy but it is a tough one. We suggest that you ask in a community group to come up with a name and set a prize for the one who comes up with the most unique name.

Register and Insure Your Business: you will have to get a good insurance for your business and before this, you have to register your business and get a trademark all for yourself.