Are you a bride or bridegroom? Is it your responsibility to manage photography?  Do you love to have big and heavy album of photos digitally and physically? Do you want something creative and innovative to make photography time the best of time?

If your head is nodding on all questions then photo booth is the most ideal option for you because it is an innovative idea that consists of vending machine which would capture your pictures in the backgrounds you want.

Now are you tense about background that which one will be the best or how would you add variety? 

If yes,  then don’t take tension because photo booth consist of machine and setup. It has different kinds of setups which are classified into

  1. Open setup,  and
  2. Close setup.

Open setup does not have curtains and panels while close setup us opposite of open setup. Close setup does not let others to see that how people are posing while open gives permission to everyone to eye on every pose.

For a bride or for a wedding,  it us better to go for open setup because guests want to see bride and whole photography ceremony.

In open setup, there are further varieties. It includes

  1. Mirror booth: It might look different but it would not look odd. In this photo booth,  there will be a mirror and guests or bride have to pose in front the mirror. The poses will be captured by camera. The camera will be attached above or beh8nd the mirror. It has a touch screen too.
  2. Open air booth: This well let you and your guests to pose in open garden or a place where your wedding g is taking place. Although, you would have option to change the background via machine.
  3. GIF maker: Thus will be creative. It will make the guests a bit energetic and excited. It will let to pose in different to have better GIF of them.
  4. Old School booth: It would look cute because it will give chance to bride to be natural when pictures are captured while guests can be as funny as they want.

So these are four types of photo booth which you think of using or hiring on rental basis for your wedding because they would not make the wedding creative but cute too. However, if you want some formal booth then photographer is the best option. You can click here to know more about photographer.